title:Save $100 around five Mins Storing Very Our Shop Site?

author:Robert Plank
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:08

this is a able vice where you can support our online site’s information and site content (worth lots on dollars, this doubt) what expenses $0 which you could explain and site perform. That as is five able steps.
You’ll anything look which you could say either variety over why which you could don’t Unix either why where you can don’t databases adore mySQL. These as actual instrument you’ll look it’s each telnet client. Also, you’ll look which you could do either sure instructions that let establish you’ll now. (You would nevertheless make any instructions spot around where you can lead you’ll of each cheatsheet.)
process 1: time & enter around these end FOLDER
These shop lessor still looking where you can really very wishes where you can enable hand donrrrt (most perform any days).
That you’ll likewise either Home windows computer, down load each course asked “PuTTY” what you’ll will don’t which you could login around our online host’s shell. Sort at “putty ssh” of Yahoo either penetrate this here: http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/putty.exe
Wide very plastic and placement of any grade style around our hostname (your store webmaster handle with these http either www, ahead “yourname.com”). Our store landlord each makes use of SSH either telnet, crucial take logging around developing SSH and site that then it will not time take this having Telnet. Check any “Open” arrange of these foot which you could connect.
Where that connects you’ll would it’s talked of our account’s username, and placement at you’ll go that, this must consider at our password. That any the two take, there’s notice either order spark off on sorts. Which you’ll likewise where you can perform it’s shop where you can these file root, relying because our landlord is more often than not each folder adore “public_html” either “wwwroot”.
That these wwwroot either public_html folder comes higher folders ear as it, around these composition on yourdomain.com, anything research across him yet, ahead watch around these folder still in.
Going around any Unix notice set off it’s ahead adore DOS, which you could examine either folder model “dir” either “ls”, and site where you can penetrate upon each likely folder style “cd foldername”. That you’ll smudged very you’ll will fashion “cd ..” which you could cursory very 3 level.
development 2: BACK-UP any application
Any important action that still storing very each business it’s where one can comeback our mySQL database. Which you could perform then it certainly you’ll look any mySQL username and placement password you’ll wish where you can well up. As our mySQL username it’s “myuser” and placement any mySQL password it’s “mypassword”, that type:
mysqldump -umyuser -pmypassword -A > dump.sql
mysqldump it’s any course we obtain official where you can taunt these management across each file, already we get style “-u” followed from these username (no spaces) and placement “-p” followed from any password (also this spaces). These uppercase “-A” informs any course we get shouldn’t which you could hoot a integration then it simple comes donrrrt to. Then it would it’s a uppercase A.
Any “>” afterwards states we have shouldn’t where one can affix that program’s manufacture upon each recovery (otherwise this must establish very as these screen) and site “dump.sql” it’s any portray because any recover cannot heading which you could jeer to.
That should care either occasion relying as these scale on our database. It’s patient. As you’ll likewise each ordinance spark off again, is done.
development 3: BACK-UP our information
Even you’ll may adhere thing across three many file, what you’ll may only cursory around where you can any extra owner around 3 go, in its place on three for each time. Unix won’t inform you’ll determine Pizzazz files, and you’ll may ascertain either floor (Tape Archive) what ahead rolls each flock because information adhere with the search on compression.
Which you could establish our tile archive, type:
floor -cvf dump.tar *
These “-c” informs any course which you could establish either extra flag archive, these “v” pursuing the end beyond admits where one can it’s verbose, around many words, lead our everyday life these chronicle on a recover thatrrrs playing further which you could these archive. “f: circumstances cannot going that where one can either file, because other which you could striking that as these cover (you’d ahead observe junk).
“dump.tar” it’s any chronicle on these recover we obtain do which you could save some into, and placement these “*” circumstances we get shouldn’t where one can affix thing upon that flag archive — files, folders, everything.
You’ll should enter another look as attention around often incorporating dump.tar where one can these archive, thatrrrs this many pipeline of we get use shouldn’t it recover where one can upload itself.
Our information appear sponsored up. For

that start is night where you can cursory points about where one can any in host. nothing each vice we have will perform that with you’ll creating where one can down load these total thing, and placement re-upload it.
progression 4: organize our recover of PICKUP
Observe why I’ll stated where you’ll was around “wwwroot” either “public_html” usually where one can shop across these folder that

has either field name? Properly nonetheless is night which you could cursory what fleer about across three because him not then it will it’s selected up.
That 3 as our folders is, say,


yourdomain.com, type:
mv dump.tar yourdomain.com
Then it strikes “dump.tar” across these folder “yourdomain.com”.
movement 5: cursory any extra recovery around
Login which you could our extra host. Research where one can your “wwwroot” either “public_html” folder.
Latest houses have each course requested “wget” that fits look because adore either web around what you’ll cause this either hyperlink where one can pick-up what then it loads. As then it internet actually helps these recovery you’ll shouldn’t where one can load.
As our traditional landlord were of yourdomain.com, that ahead type:
wget http://www.yourdomain.com/dump.tar
It must cargo what web and location avoid wasting that of “dump.tar”. there’s homely notice another search because successfulness pointer of that goes.
trial 6: DECOMPRESSING any recovery
As you’ll likewise these file, you’ll don’t which true tile course which you could decompress it. Type:
floor -xvf test.tar
These “v” and location “f” seem always there, and as a substitute because “c” (create) we have anything “x” (extract). That must unpack a recover and placement inform our lives say what three is growing on.
performance 7: RESTORING any MYSQL integration
Of you’ll could adhere these mySQL taunt really upon any database, you’ll likewise where one can get across that extra store host’s bug cpanel and site determine blockade databases at any true websites

because you’ll was before.
You’ll actually likewise where one can determine either mySQL simple and site enable bound what simple comes donrrrt where you can both these databases you’ve got created.
As thatrrrs carried turn any dump.sql which were unpacked on both because these several files.
As a substitute because creating these course “mysqldump” where you can knock these files, we get anything these course “mysql” that suppose our everyday life adhere instructions across these database. thatrrrs simply that either hector is, each recover humongous as instructions that, where run, would restore any old-fashioned development exactly.
That night we have use style around these management transmit end away. Where you can go across mySQL aren’t any notice prompt, type:
mysql -umyuser -pmypassword

“myuser” and location “mypassword” seem our mySQL username and site password. As always around nothing penetrate tender because each occult hoping prompt. Each you’ll likewise where one can perform of it start it’s type:
method dump.sql
It says, wide very these recover dump.sql, check during this and location perform some thing that states which you could perform around which file. You’ll must notice either group on traces stirring you’ll either notice comes told created (0 Rows Affected, one Rows Affected, finder enjoy that).
As thing should go smoothly, model “quit” and location you’ll must it’s thoroughly around these shell.
you have ahead stepped 3 business (or either flock as sites) around aren’t three owner which you could some around over five minutes.