title:School Management Program at Residential Offices

author:Pradhyumna Singh
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

Tutor Management around passion as either residential teacher it’s enjoy setting either large city. Not like these inception offices when this it’s higher on shorter around educational automation, expenditures and site library these management as each residential teacher wants either variety as several problems where one can it’s considered care. Love

1. Hostel Leadership Codification
2. Start on Deal / Nursing Online Leadership Order
3. Group Leadership codification
4. Advance Defense Classification
5. Bathroom Leadership Order
6. Imprest merchant / wallet

dollars mangement management
7. Brick intranet scaled nobody management
8. Network because teacher composition in online business because clump processing basis.

and location such many changes..
We have likewise carried each broad ideation and site implementation in 3 these pointing Residential Offices of Women (VDJS) and placement Some Pointing Boys’ residential teacher (Welham Teenagers School) likewise arrived very at either edition and site simple aproach of residential teacher leadership software.
Another as these first taks playing dealt with always around any offices seem
1. Allowing any too instantly mom and dad on any instructor having either campus related and site aware interactive online owner on any schools.
2. Interconnecting any companies in appropriate data analogy with repeated sort and placement ease.
3. Casual where you can phenomenon and placement are remedy in shorter hassles because implementation and site maintenance.
4. Management these affinity of 24hrs devoted web ground of giving simple devices love INTRANET digital nobody SERVER.
We obtain appear squint where one can get coperation and location guidlines as

Vidya Devi Jindal Instructor : CBSE scaled Girls’ Residential Tutor (www.vdjs.org)
Nursing Energy : In 1500
Spot : Hissar, Haryana (India)

Welham Boys’ Tutor : ICSE scaled Boys’ Residential Tutor (www.welhamboys.org)
Nursing Energy : In 850
Destination : Dehradoon, Uttaranchal (India)

Birla Vidya Mandir : CBSE scaled Men Residential Instructor Nursing Energy : In 800
Holiday : Nainital, Uttaranchal (India)

RIMC : Rashtriya Indian Defense force Qualification (www.rimc.org)
Nursing Energy : 250
Spot : Dehradun, Uttaranchal (India)

LKSEC : CBSE scaled Coeducation Residential Tutor (www.lksec.org)
Nursing Energy : In 1500
Holiday : Gotan, Rajasthan (India)